It’s where we live, where we work, where we play.
We are tied to places by physicality, orientation or imperative. We are defined by our geographic location. The economics of geography is as vast as the global vista itself.

DCG Corplan Consulting LLC provides strategic guidance on location and development issues that are indelibly tied to economic geography.

Our value lies in being able to navigate the complex relationship between the private and public sectors and in helping our clients to be able to capitalize on, or alternatively, to promote the unique characteristics of individual places.

We invite you to review our Practice Areas and Case Studies to find a skill set suitable for your project requirements.

Economic Development

DCG Corplan recognizes the vital role of job creation in economic development. Targeting of higher paying and higher skilled jobs in new industries drives economic recovery efforts and spurs market share. And, reinforcing growth by existing industries generates expansion, reduces employer attrition and ensures a higher employment base -- key ingredients needed to help promote your area.

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Corporate Site Selection

DCG Corplan develops location strategies to position real assets that can optimize operational performance, reduce costs, increase market reach, and ultimately improve the bottom-line and enhance shareholder value. Corporate real assets are intrisincally linked to earnings and profitabity which can be dynamically affected by location decisions -- vital components for capitalizing on market potential.

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Real Estate Development

DCG Corplan determines the maximum value propositions for new or refocused real estate development projects based on real-world economic conditions. Investment portfolios that are burdened by non-performing real estate can be positively reinforced through creative adaptive use strategies -- a unique means of promoting the value of local properties based on achievable performance measures.

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"DCG Corplan must be the most uncompromising professional advisor in the field, when it comes to getting things done right and doing the right thing at the same time, when focusing on the client’s objectives, in gathering and verifying data, performing/sensitizing analysis and stress-testing for reality, until satisfied of the results being unfettered for the client to rely upon."

Cesar Chekijian (late), Former Sr. VP, J.P.Morgan Chase & Co.

"Mr. Hoch led his team of consultants in producing a highly technical study that became the foundation for my former organization's strategic community and economic development plan. The value of the work product delivered by DCG Corplan continues to provide strong residual benefits to our community."

Norman E. Taylor, Former Director, Broward County(FL) Office of Economic and Small Business Development